PhD Training Bamberg


TEW-CCA PhD students at the lab of the University of Bamberg, applying new skills in regression analysis using Stata.

The University of Bamberg organized a research visit for PhD students from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan within international TEW-CCA research project on youth. The main goal of this research is to empower young researchers from the Caucasus and Central Asia (CCA) to conduct theory-driven empirical research and use of statistics package Stata in their research activities.

The one week training was conducted by Prof. Dr. Michael Gebel, TEW-CCA project director, and Jonas Voßemer as well as Paul Löwe, PhD students from the University of Bamberg. Within this course PhD students from CCA region had an opportunity to get deep knowledge on foundations of bivariate and multiple regression analyses and advanced topics related to. The practical part of this course was conducted at the modern equipped labs of the University of Bamberg, where researchers applied new skills on regression analyses using Stata and micro data from the CCA region for practical exercises.

TEW-CCA team thanks all participants of the workshop, particularly Jonas Voßemer and Paul Löwe who trained our young researchers from CCA region on volunteer basis.